Cooling System Repair and Diagnostic Advice

Keeping your GM's engine cool is vital to ensuring your engine lasts. Hot engines inevitably fail, and engine failures are expensive. You can prevent a lot of cooling problems simply by a) following the scheduled maintenance guide for your vehicle and replacing coolant as recommended and b) using OEM GM parts.

While after-market radiators, water pumps, and thermostats are sometimes less costly than genuine OEM parts (not always, as our prices are pretty good), it really doesn't make sense to use after-market parts here. The cooling system is just too vital.

We've compiled some information to help you diagnose and/or fix problems with your vehicle's cooling system, and you can find an alphabetical list of the guides we've created below. If you have a specific question about the parts you need, or if you see an issue with our guides, please contact us or call 877-498-7278.

Cooling System Repair Tips and Diagnostic Advice