How to Replace a Saturn Radiator Fan Motor

The fan motor makes sure that there is always cool air blowing into the engine compartment. It keeps the engine cool by lowering the temperature in the water from the radiator. Without this fan, your radiator will overheat, and then you risk a complete engine failure. If you run into trouble with your engine overheating due to a faulty fan motor, you need to replace it right away.

Beige Saturn sedan

Signs of a Bad Fan Motor

There are a few ways to tell if your radiator fan motor is faulty. Your cooling fan will not cut on until your Saturn reaches a certain temperature, and if it reaches operating temperature and fails to cut on, the engine will then begin to overheat. 

In order to determine if your fan is actually working, drive your Saturn in a low gear (mid-high rpms) on a hot day and watch the temperature gauge. The temperature shouldn't rise higher than normal, and you will likely hear the fan kick in if the motor is working. If the temperature does rise and you don't hear the fan, the motor is in need of replacement.

Tools for Replacement

  • 10mm and 13mm wrench
  • Replacement fan motor

Replacement Instructions

  1. Start by removing the air resonator box if your car is equipped with one.
  2. Then you can take off the air intake and the fresh air hose. This allows you to get to the fan in your Saturn.
  3. Disconnect the air temperature sensor wire.
  4. Take off the air box. Use a 10mm wrench to remove the three bolts.
  5. Remove the connector to the oxygen sensor.
  6. Use a 10mm wrench to remove the fan shroud.
  7. Tilt the fan assembly up from the driver’s side. Use a small screwdriver to remove the wires.
  8. Disconnect the wire connector at the fan motor by lifting up on the tab and pulling the connector out.
  9. Remove the fan blade from the assembly using a 13mm wrench.
  10. The motor is under the blade and held in place by three 10mm head screws. They attach to the shroud assembly. Remove the screws and the fan motor comes out.
  11. Use Locktight on the nuts before you replace the fan motor.
  12. Reverse the process to reattach the fan back into your Saturn.

This should eliminate any overheating problems you may be having with your Saturn. If you run into any trouble, you should contact your local Saturn dealership for assistance. If you happen to be out on the road and start to overheat, you can open all the windows and turn your heater on FULL. This will help bring the temperature down, so you can get to a safe stopping point.