Due to the Current UAW Strike all orders for GM parts may experience a delay.
Due to the Current UAW Strike all orders for GM parts may experience a delay.

America's most reliable remanufatured engines

No one wants to replace an engine, but sometimes engine replacement is unavoidable. The good news is that Marshall Rebuilt Engines offers a line of re-manufactured engines that are:

  • Fully warrantied
  • Dyno tested
  • Sold at prices that are far lower than the cost of a new engine

Here's why a rebuilt/re-manufactured engine is a smart choice for engine replacement, and why Marshall is the brand we recommend.

Why Buy a Rebuilt /Re-Manufactured Engine?

The idea of buying a rebuilt or re-manufactured engine makes some people uncomfortable. Sometimes, it's because people believe rebuilt engines are lower quality or made with inferior parts. Other times, it's because of a previous bad experience with a re-manufactured engine.

But the simple fact is, rebuilt and re-manufactured are often the best option for replacing an engine in an older vehicle. Putting a new engine in an old car just doesn't make much sense, as the rest of the car (from the frame to the transmission to the interior) isn't really new. The cost of a brand new engine is high, and high dollar repairs rarely make sense on older vehicles.

What's more, a good re-manufactured engine is every bit as capable as a brand new engine. When you think about how engines wear and typically fail, the vast majority of the components in the engine are just fine. If the re-manufacturer is careful, they can replace the parts that show wear, clean up the rest of the parts, and have an engine that's every bit good as new.

What Makes Marshall Rebuilt Engines Special?

There are quite a few companies that offer rebuilt engines, but Marshall is unique because:

  • They offer the same exact warranty on their rebuilt engines that GM offers on new replacement engines. That's how confident they are in their product.
  • Marshall actually dyno tests their rebuilt engines – they don't just bolt parts together and crate them up. They put the engines together, run them at the factory, and THEN ship them to customers. They're guaranteed to work before they leave the re-manufacturing facility.
  • Marshall's pricing is second to none. It's hard to find a less expensive rebuilt motor, let alone a better one.

If you're looking to prolong the life of your current vehicle, a Marshall re-manufactured engine is a smart choice. They're practically identical to a new GM engine in terms of performance, yet at a price that's thousands of dollars less.