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ACDelco is a global leader in the automotive parts manufacturing and related services industry and offers superior quality original equipment parts for your 1995 to present year GM vehicle including:

Who is ACDelco?

ACDelco has been committed to producing quality automotive parts for more than 100 years. Closely affiliated with General Motors (United Motors Corporation, the parent company of ACDelco, became a division of GM in 1918), ACDelco is an official OEM parts provider for all the GM brands.

ACDelco's journey is an interesting story that begins the start of the 20th century. A handful of entrepreneurs launched companies in the early 1900's, and nearly 70 years later a series of consolidations created the company we know today as ACDelco.

  • 1901: Brothers Frank and Perry Remy formed the Remy Electric Company and begin to manufacture dynamos and magnets.

  • 1908: French bicyclist Albert Champion (A.C.) began manufacturing Champion spark plugs. Soon after, Champion Ignition Company entered into a partnership with the Buick Motor Company (birth of AC Spark Plug Company – begins long affiliation with Buick which becomes General Motors).

  • 1916: William Durant – one of the founders of General Motors – launches the United Motors Corporation (UMC) as a consolidation of numerous automotive suppliers. This consolidation reduces duplication and improves parts quality, and included in this consolidation is the Dayton Engineering Laboratories Co, known as “Delco”.

  • 1918: United Motors Corporation becomes an official division of General Motors

  • 1927: The AC Spark Plug company made history as they produced the spark plug used by aviator Charles Lindbergh as he completed the first transatlantic flight. Mr. Lindbergh’s success influenced another famous aviator, Amelia Earhart, to use the AC Spark Plugs for her transatlantic flight as well.

  • 1971: United Motor Services changed its name to the United Delco Division.

  • 1974: AC Spark Plug Sales Division and United Delco division merged to form the ACDelco division and then ACDelco became the General Motors Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Brand.

As you can see, ACDelco has played an integral role in GM's automotive history. AC Delco currently produces tens of thousands of new original parts, which are sold in more than 100 countries.