Thank you for your patience with potential delays in order processing and shipping as our business adapts to changes resulting from COVID-19. We appreciate you - stay healthy!
Thank you for your patience with potential delays in order processing and shipping as our business adapts to changes resulting from COVID-19. We appreciate you - stay healthy!

1998-2002 Camaro Z/28 and SS Thermostat Replacement Guide

Tools Required

  • 10mm socket
  • 3-inch extension
  • Ratchet
  • Torque wrench
  • Pliers or channel locks
  • A rag or shop towel
  • Funnel
  • A container capable of holding at least 1 gallon of fluid
  • 1 gallon of Dex Cool coolant (GM part no. 12346290)
  • 1 gallon of water

Caution: Be sure the engine you are working on is cool. Otherwise there is a heightened likeliness of burning yourself.

98-02 Camaro Thermostat

Removal Procedure

1. Locate and turn your Camaro’s radiator cap counterclockwise using a rag to relieve any pressure from the radiator. If you begin to hear hissing, stop turning the cap and step away from the engine. Allow the pressure to release on its own. Once released, leave the cap on, but loose, to ensure nothing gets into your radiator.

2. Locate the drain plug underneath the radiator, and place empty container below the drain plug. Once the container is in place, rotate the drain plug until coolant begins to flow out from the valve.

Important: Be sure not to completely unscrew the drain plug or things will become very messy very quickly.

3. Once all of the fluid is drained from the radiator, tighten the drain plug to 13 in-lb.

4. Locate the thermostat and thermostat hose clamp, relocate your fluid container below the thermostat, and push the plastic push screw out of the thermostat housing.

5. Remove both 10mm screws from the thermostat with your 3-inch extension and ratchet.

6. Remove the hose clamp from the thermostat hose, disconnect the hose from the thermostat, and remove the old thermostat.

Important: Once the thermostat is removed, a fairly large amount of coolant will drain out.

Installation Procedure

1. Prepare the new thermostat for installation.

Important: You will notice the O-ring in your new thermostat may move around freely. Use a small amount of high temperature sealant in the groove where the O-ring sits to ensure it stays secure, allowing the new thermostat to seal to the block correctly.

2. Place the new thermostat in its proper position, and start threading the two 10mm mounting screws. As you tighten, make sure the O-ring is sitting properly. Torque the two screws to 89 in-lb to ensure the new thermostat seals correctly.

3. Reconnect the thermostat hose to the thermostat, and place the plastic push screw back into the thermostat housing.

4. Rid the cooling system of any possible air pockets by removing the hose from the metal line that exits from the engine’s throttle.

5. Create a 50/50 mix of Dex Cool coolant and water by combining 2 quarts of each fluid into one container.

6. Slowly fill the radiator with coolant. You will be able to notice the sound of escaping air emitting from the hose you disconnected on the throttle. Once you begin to see coolant leaving the unconnected hose, it is time to reconnect the hose to the metal line, and continue filling the radiator.

7. Once the radiator is full, start your Camaro with the radiator cap off until it reaches a temperature of 190 degrees or more. Keep an eye on your coolant levels, as it will fluctuate as the new thermostat opens and closes. Before shutting the car off, make sure the coolant level is topped off, and it’s recommended the old radiator cap be replaced with a new unit.

That’s it. You’re all finished!