Alternator and Battery Diagnosis and Repair Advice

Most people don't put much thought into their vehicle's charging system, and with good reason: They're usually pretty bulletproof. However, alternators and batteries break down from time to time, and when they do it's usually a big deal. For this reason, we strongly recommend OEM GM alternators. Not only are they built to exacting specifications (or carefully tested, like the remanufactured GM units), but they're highly unlikely to leave you stranded.

We've compiled some information to help you diagnose and/or fix problems with your vehicle's charging system, and you can find an alphabetical list of the guides we've created below. If you have a specific question about the parts you need, or if you see an issue with our guides, please contact us or call 877-498-7278.

Battery and Alternator Repair Tips and Diagnostic Advice