Troubleshooting a Chevy Window Regulator

Regardless of if you have power or manual windows, the window regulator in your Chevy is used to roll your windows up and down. When your Chevy’s regulator isn't doing its job, it can be puzzling and frustrating. Here's what you need to know about regulator issue diagnosis and repair.

Chevy sedan

Issue: When the window is rolling up or down, it makes a grinding noise.

What to do:

This isn’t a problem with the regulator, it’s a problem with the cable in the window system.

1. Take the door panel off and check the cable

2. Replace as needed

Issue: The power window rolls up about halfway, and then it goes back down — or it goes halfway up and then stops.

What to do:

There’s a good chance the window regulator is failing.

1. Disconnect the battery and remove the door panel.

2. Remove the lock assembly and lift the window out and set it aside.

3. Unplug the wiring from the regulator and remove it.

4. Replace it with the new regulator and replace the wiring.

5. Replace the windows, replace the lock assembly, and reconnect the battery.

Issue: The rear power window drops when I open the convertible top, but it does not close when the top is up.

What to do:

The power window regulator is likely failing.

  • Please refer to the regulator installation above.

Issue: My power windows do not work at all.

What to do:

The power windows operate on a fuse. If none of the windows are working, you likely need a new fuse. Check the fuses for the windows and replace if needed.

Issue: My manual windows are very hard to crank, and they stick.

What to do:

Your Chevy’s window regulator or the channels in the window may be clogged.

1. Remove the door panel of the side with issues and take the regulator and channels out to clean.

2. The slider can be completely removed from the channel.

3. Use brake cleaner and detailing tools to clean the channels.

4. The channel and the slider can be greased with white lithium grease. Grease other sticky parts and repair old foam or rubber while you have the door apart

5. Reassemble the door.

These are the most common Chevy window regulator issues. Should you experience problems not solved by these processes, visit your local Chevy mechanic for diagnostic help.