Hummer H3 Windshield Replacement

If you have a pesky wind noise emitting from your windshield, or you have a small chip or crack, it’s best to get it repaired before it gets any worse. You can go about replacing your windshield yourself, or get someone to do it for you. It is recommended you have the necessary specialized tools to do the procedure, or else you’ll risk damaging components of your Hummer.

If you decide to have someone do the replacement for you, it is recommended you deal with professionals who have dealt with Hummer windshields before.

Refer to this easy step by step guide to learn how to replace the windshield on your H3 Hummer.

Tools Required

  • Phillips head screw driver or drill bit
  • Drill
  • Epoxy/sealant
  • Cowl removal tool/ kit
  • Socket wrench

Removal Procedure

1. Remove the breather covers from the base of your Hummer’s windshield.

2. Locate the screws on the door moldings on the sides of windshield and remove them.

3. Once you remove the plastic molding, you’ll notice a bunch of black epoxy. This is what the dealer uses to hinder the common wind noise that emits from the windshield. This will need to be replaced along with the new windshield.

4. Remove the wiper blade assembly, and then the top cowl.

Notice: if you do not have the special tool allocated for specifically removing the cowl, there is an heightened chance of breaking the cowl. It is best to see if you can source a rental kit from a local parts store.

5. Once the wiper blade assembly and top cowl are removed successfully, open the hood of your Hummer and remove the sub cowl.

6. Now you can remove the windshield.

Installation Process

1. Install new epoxy around the windshield frame.

2. Place the new windshield in place, and place the sub cowl back to its proper location.

Notice: Ensure the new windshield is aligned correctly. The windshield must be allowed to cure, and must be given three hours prior to driving. Up to 72 hours may be required for the epoxy to completely cure.

3. Re-install the top cowl, and then the wiper blade assembly.

4. Insert the screws and re-connect the door molding.

5. Snap the breather covers back in place.

That’s it. Process complete. Now you can enjoy driving your Hummer with clear vision minus the pesky sounds of wind entering the cabin.