How to Replace The Rear Wiper Arm On GM SUVs

Have you noticed a lack of performance from your rear window wiper lately? Perhaps a few spots are getting missed, or maybe the water is just being moved around instead of wiped away. If this is happening, most SUV owners will discover that corrosion is causing binding in the hinges. Here’s how to replace the rear wiper arm on your GM SUV.

GM wiper arm

Tools Needed:

  • Socket/ratchet set
  • Flathead screwdriver

All wiper arms have a hinge at their base which allows flexing in the arm to follow the curvature of the rear window. If the arm is missing some parts, you can oil the hinge for a quick yet very temporary fix. The rear arm tends to rust more frequently because it’s not used nearly as much as the front wipers.

Changing the Rear Wiper Arm

  1. First, know that the wiper arm sits on a splined shaft as there are splines inside the wiper arm.
  2. Most wipers are held on by a retaining nut, so take off the plastic cover with a flathead screwdriver and remove the retaining nut with a wrench. Now you can pull the wiper arm off of the shaft.
  3. If your wiper arm has a locking clip, lift the wiper arm up a few inches away from the glass and disengage the clip with a flathead screwdriver and slip it out. Lower the arm and go on to pulling the arm off the shaft.

Now you can install your wiper arm from in reverse order and call it a day!