How to replace the power window, door lock switch for your 2006 Chevrolet Silverado (passenger side)

If you find your power windows and door locks are not working, you may need to replace the power door lock and window switch.

In order to replace the switch, you must start by removing the door trim panel on the passenger door. If possible, work with the window in the lowest position. Use a trim tool to loosen the lock bezel. Use the trim tool to pry the clips loose on the bottom of the trim panel and work your way up the panel as you loosen it.

Once you have completely removed the trim panel, you can replace the switch.

  1. A screw holds the bezel for the switch in place. Remove that screw.
  2. Use a flat blade tool to lift the switch panel bezel from the door panel.
  3. Use a plastic flat blade tool to take the retaining clips off the sides of the door module.
  4. Take the door module out of the bezel to the switch panel.

You are now ready to install a replacement module.

  1. Snap the new door module into the bezel.
  2. Place the module and switch panel bezel back into the door trim panel.
  3. Screw it back into place and tighten to 18 lb. in./ 2 Y.
  4. Replace the door panel.

The switch will need to be reprogrammed by Chevrolet before you can use it, so take it to your dealership and have them program the module. 

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