How to replace the lower control arm on your 2006 Silverado (2WD)

The lower control arm on your 2006 Chevrolet Silverado is the link between the suspension and the chassis. It carries the wheel, and the control arm is hinged, which allows it to pivot with movement. If this piece wears out, it can break, which can cause an accident since it holds the wheel in place. At the earliest sign of a problem with the control arm, it is necessary to make repairs.

If you need to replace the lower control arm on your truck and it has a coil spring, the following will help you make the repair.

Tools Required

  • J 45851 Ball Joint Separator Protector Adapters
  • J 43631 Ball Joint Remover

How to Remove the Control Arm

Make sure your vehicle is on a flat, level and dry surface. Never try to jack up your vehicle on an unsafe surface. Only use a jack or jack stands that are approved for your vehicle.

  1. Raise the truck up and support it.
  2. Take off the tire and remove the wheel.
  3. If your vehicle has rack and pinion steering, you need to remove the front coil spring.
  4. Take the front stabilizer shaft link off your truck. Then you can take off the shock absorber.
  5. Take off the nuts and 15-series washers on the lower control arm.
  6. Take off the 15-series bolts that hold the lower control arm onto the truck.
  7. Remove the retaining nut on the lower ball joint. Use J 43631 and J 45851 to disconnect the steering knuckle from the lower ball joint.
  8. Take the lower control arm off the truck.

Replacing the Control Arm

  1. Mount the lower control arm.
  2. Reconnect the steering knuckle and the ball joint stud and replace the retaining nut on the lower ball joint. Use 74 lb. ft./100 Y to tighten the nut. Use the 5-series bolts to attach the lower control arm, and finish the installation by using the lower control arm nuts and 15-series washers. Tighten them to 129 lb. ft./175 Y.
  3. You can reinstall the front stabilizer shaft link and the shock absorber.
  4. Place the tire and wheel back on the truck.

You can now lower the truck and check the wheel alignment to ensure that everything is properly aligned. 

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