How to Replace The Liftgate Struts on GM SUVs

The liftgate struts on your GM SUV can wear over time with use and may one day need to be replaced. Here’s how to knock out the job and regain use of your liftgate.

GMC liftgate strut

Replacement Tips and Steps

For this job, you’re going to need a helper — the liftgate is quite heavy and you’ll need to use both hands to remove and install struts. Also, the new struts are going to be very firm and hard to collapse by hand so make sure you are able to open the liftgate completely — i.e. enlist the help of a tall friend!

So let’s get started!

  1. Check out the bolts holding the struts in place as they vary amongst models and years — you may need a socket wrench, torx driver, flathead screwdriver, etc. So know ahead of time which tools you need so you don’t fatigue your helper from holding the liftgate for too long.
  2. Now, have your helper open the liftgate completely and hold it up.
  3. Remove the struts by removing the top and bottom bolts holding them in. Inspect the bolts to make sure they aren’t worn and can be properly rethreaded. Replace if needed.
  4. Make sure your helper has the lifegate fully open and put in the new strut as the original one was positioned.
  5. Reinstall the strut with the original or new bolts.

Test to make sure the liftgate functions properly now, and if you used genuine GM parts, you won’t have to worry about it for a long time — they’ll probably last as long as your SUV now!