How to replace the front door window regulator motor in your 2006 Chevrolet Silverado

Power windows are a nice feature on any vehicle, but they do contain electrical parts that can wear out over time. If you find that your windows no longer roll up or down, then you may need to replace the window regulator motor. Here are the instructions for replacing the front side door window regulator motor in your 2006 Chevrolet Silverado. 

Start by removing the old regulator motor. If the window is operable, put the window in the up position. If it is not operating, then you will need to remove the window from the door.

How To Remove the Window from the Door

  • Lift up the window halfway.
  • Remove the trim from the door.
  • Remove the door lock and handle.
  • Remove the switch panel by disconnecting it and removing the bezel that holds it in place.
  • Remove the window deflector and channels.

Take the power window module out and place it on a flat surface like a bench.

  1. Once you have it on a surface, take the two fasteners off that connect the drive housing and the motor to the rail.

Make sure that the cable gear/spool does not come out of the housing when you are removing the motor. Hold the gear/spool with your hand as you remove it to keep it from unwinding once you take it out of the housing.

  1. Hold the housing and the motor together and remove the other fastener.
  2. In order to gain finger access to the gear spool, you will need to slide the motor partially out of the gear/spool. Make sure you hold the housing and the gear/spool together while you remove the motor.

How to Put the New Motor in the Spool

  1. Start by simultaneously aligning the mounting points and the gear teeth while pressing the motor into the gear/spool and fastening it in place with the last fastener you removed.
  2. Replace the motor and housing assembly back onto the rail. Fasten it in place with the last fastener you removed.
  3. Align the attachment point by rotating the motor and housing, so the first number one fastener is lined up. Install that fastener.
  4. Tighten the bolt to 44 lb. in./5 Y.

Reverse the order and put the door back together. If you removed the window, reattach the deflector and channel and put the window back in the door.