How to replace the front door window on your 2006 Chevrolet Silverado

Whether your Silverado has manual or power windows, there may come a time when you will need to replace a front door window. If you do, here are the instructions for removing and replacing that window.

Removing the Window

  1. Start by raising the window partially up before you remove the trim panel from the door.
  2. Open the door and release the extension by pulling the front edge outward. This will release the retaining clips. Then you can lift the trim panel off by taking it up and out.
  3. Once you have the upper trim panel off, take the manual door lock lever off and remove the window handle. If you have a power door switch, then you need to take the door switch panel out.
  4. The door trim panel needs to come off next.
  5. Take a flat blade pry tool and gently pry the panel loose from the bottom up.
  6. Take the water deflector off the door and remove the window channels from the bolts.
  7. There are two retaining bolts on the window assembly. Loosen them, but do not remove them.
  8. Slide the window out the top of the door.

Reinstalling the Window

  1. Slip the window back in the same way you took the old one out of the door.
  2. Tighten the two bolts on the window assembly to 9 lb.ft./12 Y.
  3. Reinstall the window channel and tighten the bolts to 80 Y.
  4. Reinstall the water deflector.
  5. Reinstall the door trim panel and the door switch panel.
  6. If you have manual window handles and door lock levers, put them back.
  7. Reinstall the trim panel upper extension.

Make sure that your window is operating properly by trying to move it up and down. If it is not, then go back and check to ensure you have reconnected everything properly. 

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