How to replace the front coil springs on your 2006 Chevrolet Silverado

Your truck is built for hauling, but it still needs to offer you a smooth ride. The suspension is an important part of that smooth ride. If you find you need to replace the front coil springs on your 2006 Silverado, then the following instructions will help you replace them.

Tools Required:

  • J 23028-A Coil Spring Remover and Installer
  • J 23028-15 Coil Spring Compressor Adapter

NOTE: Compressed spring coils are incredibly dangerous if you do not use a spring compressor. What's more, cheap/inexpensive compressors (or rental compressors) are notoriously unreliable. If you don't have a quality compressor, take your coil pack to your local dealership or parts shop and ask them to decompress the pack for you and then re-compress. It's not much more expensive to pay someone than it is to rent a compressor.

How to Remove the Old Coil Spring

Before you start, you need to jack up your truck. For safety reasons, make sure your truck is on a flat, dry surface. Use the proper jack and supports to ensure that the truck is safely raised and stabilized.

  1. You need to take off the engine protection shield if you have one.
  2. Take the tire and wheel assembly off the truck.
  3. Take off the shock absorber.
  4. Take the front stabilizer shaft link off the truck.
  5. Using the outboard locating tab, install J 23028-15.
  6. Next, connect the retaining hook to the control arm and be sure to take out any free play by tightening the wing nut.
  7. Attach J 23028-A securely to a transmission jack suitable for your purpose.
  8. Raise the jack to line up the yokes of J 23028-A with the notches on J 23028-15.
  9. Relieve any spring tension from the lower control arm pivot bolts by using the transmission jack, J 23028-15 and J 23028-A.
  10. Take off the pivot bolt to the lower control arm.
  11. Take off the pivot bolts on both the front and the rear.
  12. Lower the transmission jack slowly. This will unload the front coil spring. You may need to use a pry bar to guide the lower control arm out of position.
  13. Take off the insulator and the coil spring.

Installing the New/Upgraded Coil Spring

  1. Connect the new coil spring and insulator to the lower control arm.
  2. You will need to raise up the transmission jack to compress the front coil spring. You may also need to use a pry bar to help guide the lower control arm into position.
  3. Put the pivot bolts to the front and rear back in place.
  4. Tighten the pivot nuts on the lower control arm to 107 lb. ft./ 145 Y.
  5. Lower the transmission jack and take J 23028-15 off the control arm.
  6. Put the front stabilizer shaft link back on.
  7. You can now put the shock absorber back on the vehicle.
  8. Put the tire and wheel assembly back on the vehicle.
  9. If you have an engine shield, put this back on and lower the vehicle.

Your Chevrolet Silverado will once again offer you a nice, smooth ride. 

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