Due to the Current UAW Strike all orders for GM parts may experience a delay.
Due to the Current UAW Strike all orders for GM parts may experience a delay.

How To Replace Chevy Silverado Dashboard Lights

The dashboard lights on your Chevy Silverado allow you to monitor your speed, fuel levels, temperature and other important information regardless of whether you drive during the day or at night. These lights can burn out, so here are the instructions for changing the lights on your dashboard.

  1. Turn your truck ON and turn the lights ON.
  2. Check the dashboard for lights. If you have dark areas on the instruments, you have a light that is out.
  3. Set the parking brake and set the key to RUN. Shift into LOW gear. This will give you room to work.
  4. Use a panel tool and remove the dashboard bezel. It pops right out from the fasteners.
  5. The gauge is held on with four 7mm screws. Remove them using a socket with an extension.
  6. Once you have removed the screws, you will be able to tilt the instrument cluster away from the opening. Tilt it on its side in order to get to the connection wires.
  7. Squeeze the connectors together in order to disengage them from the cluster.
  8. There are clips on the side of the gauge panel. Use a small flathead screwdriver to release them in order to get the front and the back panels off.
  9. Use your finger and put all the gauges into their full, counterclockwise, locked position. Put pieces of clear tape under the dials and mark where the ends of the dials are located.
  10. Use a dinner fork with a piece of tape on the back of it under the dials and pry them upwards in order to remove them.
  11. The lights are easily removed using a soldering iron by touching the leads on each side of the bulbs.
  12. Use the old bulb as a template in order to determine the right length for the legs on the new bulbs. Trim to the right size.
  13. Place the new bulb into the blue base.
  14. Solder the new bulb into place.
  15. Remove the plastic cover to the gauge set and put the set back in to make sure that the bulbs are all working before you reinstall the gauge set.
  16. Reattach the dials and line them back up with the marks you made on the clear tape. The dials may need to be turned all the way to the right first.
  17. Snap the front and the back panels together. Your cluster is now ready to be put back into your Silverado.
  18. Reattach your bezel.

You should have no trouble changing the lights in your Silverado, but if you do, you may need to contact your local dealership for further assistance.