How To Replace A Chevy Equinox Headlight Bulb

Replacing a headlight bulb seems to get more and more complicated every year for new vehicles. Although the designs are certainly improved for visibility while driving, they certainly aren’t made to be changed with ease. If your Chevy Equinox headlight bulb has burnt out and it’s time to change it, here’s the most painless approach to the task.

What You’ll Need:

  • OEM replacement bulb
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Socket wrench and socket set

Step 1.

Under the hood of your Equinox, you’ll find 4 push retainers holding the front fascia assembly at the front of the engine compartment — press them at the center and pop out with your screwdriver.

Step 2.

Pull the fascia assembly away and release the radiator grille trim from the headlight assembly.

Step 3.

Remove the three assembly bolts for the headlight with your socket wrench.

Step 4.

Pull the assembly out from the outside corner and remove the retaining clip. Tip the headlight down and you will see where the bulbs clip in to the housing. Low beams are on the outside of the assembly — high beams are on the inside. Turn the retaining ring counterclockwise and pull the bulb out.

Step 5.

Remove the wiring harness from the bulb and put the new bulb in its place. Put the bulb back into the headlight, turning the retaining light clockwise until it locks into place, and replace the headlight assembly.

Step 6.

Re-install the assembly with the three headlight bolts. Replace the headlight assembly and fit the fascia assembly and radiator trim back up — replace the retainers as well.