How To Replace Chevy Blazer Door Pins

Mechanical parts wear out over time, and the same is true for hinges and bushings on your Blazer. The first thing you might notice is a sagging door or it is hard to close. Rather than spend the money having someone from a bodyshop change the bushings for you, save a little money and do it yourself.


  • Notched prybar
  • Tack hammer
  • Vice grip
  • Large and small nail punches
  • Towel or sheet
  • Support stand like a small bench or jack
  • Replacement bushings


  1. Open the door to the Blazer and set the support stand covered in an old towel or sheet underneath it. This holds it up while protecting the paint.
  2. Take the small nail punch and place it against the bottom of the hinge pin. Use the hammer to strike the nail punch in order to drive the pin out from the hinge. Do not damage the pin or the door with hard hits...easy does it.
  3. Use the vice grip to grip the hinge pin once you have it started. Use the hammer to continue driving the pin out by striking the vice grip.
  4. Use the large nail punch on the top bushing. Hammer the bottom of the bushing with the large nail punch using the tack hammer. Force it from the hinge and discard when you have removed it. Repeat this for the bottom of the bottom bushing. Both bushings should be removed and discarded.
  5. Put the new bushing on the top of the hole for the hinge bushing. The bushing with the smaller inside hole will go on the top hinge, and the bushing with the larger inside hole goes on the top of the bottom hinge.
  6. Use the vice grip to put the bushing partially in place, and then put the large nail punch on top. Use the hammer to hammer the large vice grip, pushing the bushing into place. Repeat this for the bottom bushing.
  7. Put the hinge pins back into place. The pin for the top hinge goes into the bottom of the top, and the bottom pin goes into the top of the bottom.
  8. Drive the pin home with the small nail punch on the top of the pin with the hammer. When the hinge pin is set against the bushing with the larger middle hole, it is properly placed.
  9. Secure the hinge pins with the lock rings on the bottom of the pin. There is an engraved groove along the hinge pin, and this is where the lock ring is placed to secure the pins.

You are now ready to take the support out from under the door and try it. You should have a door that opens and closes cleanly without any sagging.