How to Replace a Silverado EGR Valve

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve, found on the intake, on your Silverado re-circulates the exhaust gases from the exhaust system into the combustion chamber. The entire process is designed to make your Silverado’s engine burn cooler while releasing fewer emissions since it completely burns the fuel.

This valve may go bad in your truck, and if it does, you will likely get a trouble code and your Check Engine Light will illuminate. 

Symptoms include:

  • Detonation: Also known as spark knock or pinging, this happens with either the EGR system isn't working, when the valve is stuck, or when your Silverado's exhaust port is clogged.
  • Misfiring/Rough Idle: This happens when the EGR valve fails, resulting in exhaust leaking into the air intake manifold. 
  • Hard starting: This happens when the EGR valve won't close, and the result is a vacuum leak into your intake manifold.

Here are the instructions that you need in order to change out the EGR valve in your Silverado.

Tools Needed:

  • Pliers
  • A set of wrenches and sockets
  • Flat blade screwdriver

Silverado EGR Removal Instructions

  1. Open the hood and disconnect the ground cable on the battery from the negative terminal. You can do this by loosening the clamp and pulling it off the terminal.

  2. Take the air cleaner off the truck. It is held in place by a wing nut. Unscrew that and lift off the entire housing. You will see the carburetor underneath it.

  3. The EGR valve is mounted near the carburetor on the intake manifold. You need to disconnect the vacuum line from the valve. It will pull off the valve.

  4. Unbolt the EGR valve from the intake manifold.

  5. Now, you can remove the old EGR valve from the manifold.

Silverado EGR Installation Instructions

  1. Look at all the passages in the intake manifold that are located under the EGR valve. Make sure that they are clean. You can remove any extra carbon deposits by using the screwdriver. Take a small vacuum and vacuum up the area. By vacuuming the debris up, it ensures that any loose carbon does not get into the engine.

  2. Clean the mounting surface with a stiff, wire brush. Use the vacuum to clean up any loose debris.

  3. Put the new EGR valve gasket onto the mounting surface on the intake manifold.

  4. Put the new EGR valve in place on the intake manifold.

  5. Reconnect the EGR valve onto the manifold by bolting it in place.

  6. Place the vacuum line back on the EGR valve.

  7. Replace the air cleaner in its place over the carburetor. Tighten the wing nut to hold it in place.

  8. Place the ground cable back onto the negative terminal on the battery.

Run your Silverado after you install your EGR valve. Your Check Engine Light should go out as soon as the vehicle is started and has a chance to recognize the new part. If it does not go out, you may need further assistance from your Chevrolet dealer.

NOTE: You can try cleaning your EGR valve to see if that will fix the problem before you replace it. Since we sell replacement EGR valves, we probably shouldn't tell you that...but it's true. Sometimes, you can fix a sticky EGR valve with some elbow grease.