How to Replace a 2002-2006 Chevy Avalanche Tailgate Handle

Tailgate handles are an essential part of any truck — they allow easy access to your truck’s bed. If you have a busted tailgate handle, it can be a total nightmare! Here’s how to replace a broken tailgate handle with a new OEM handle. 

Tools Needed:

  • Star Sockets
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Dremel and Disc Cutter

Step 1:

Remove the two outer screws on the inside of the tailgate and close the tailgate. Pull the handle and bezel down and out. The bezel is held on by two plastic screws.

Step 2:

Pry the linkage apart with a flathead screwdriver. Use your dremel to cut the fiber holding the handle.

Step 3:

Pull the linkage from both sides to let the tailgate open and remove the broken handle.

Step 4:

Put the new handle in place and install the linkages, closing them with your pliers.

Step 5:

Attach the bezel — go in top first and push in the bottom so the anchors are in place.

You can now enjoy having a working tailgate handle again! This should take about 45 minutes and when you use a genuine GM replacement, it will operate just like new.