How To Remove Your Silverado's Center Console

The center console located in between the front seats of your Silverado may need to be removed to either be replaced or just removed temporarily in order to reach components for another task. Luckily the console comes out very easily with minimal tools, and the process is simple. Follow these steps to get your center console out in no time.

Tools Required

  • Phillips head screw driver
  • Socket wrench

Removal Procedure

1. Locate and loosen the nuts underneath the driver’s side and passenger’s side seats with your wrench. There will be four nuts for each of the front seats, and the seats will have to be shifted forward and backward to gain access to the bolts.

2. Once they’re loose, lift the seats off of the studs holding them in place and remove them from your Silverado.

3. Locate the front tray directly underneath the instrument panel and remove it. The tray should budge just by using your hands.

4. Once the tray is removed, you’ll find a wiring harness that connects the console wires to the instrument panel. Disconnect this harness.

5. Pull the trim away from the console little by little on each side, and then gently remove the trim from the console.

6. Locate and remove all of the mounting screws through the console with your screwdriver. Some screws can be found under the cup holders or in the rear tray.

Notice: Newer model Silverados do not host any screws.

7. Once all of the screws are removed, gently remove the console from your Silverado.

Installation Procedure

1. Place the console back in its original position, and insert the screws into their appropriate places.

2. Reposition the console trim and secure it in place.

3. Reconnect the wiring harness and replace the front tray underneath the instrument panel.

4. Place the front seats over the studs, and apply the nuts on all corners of the seat base. Ensure each bolt is tightened evenly so your seat does not move around from its base.

You’re all done! Nice job.