How to Remove a Silverado/Sierra Tailgate Cap

There are many reasons to remove the tailgate cap from your truck. You may want to replace it with a new one or want a different style cap. Whatever the reason, it isn't a complicated job, and you can do it at home in a few minutes.

Tools Required

  • T30 Torx attachment
  • A drill
  • 5/16th wrench
  • Various diameter metal drill bits
  • Denatured alcohol
  • A cloth

1. First, remove the four Torx screws that hold the cap to the tailgate. You can use either the drill or a ratchet. For this, you’ll want to have your tailgate closed. Turn the screws counterclockwise gently so as not to damage them.

2. Once you have removed all four Torx screws, remove the cap itself. This will be held in place with tape, so you may need to use some force to get it off. Open your tailgate and start working from one side to lift it off. Use one of your hands to protect the painted surfaces of the tailgate.

Pro Tip: Remove the tailgate cap after your truck has been sitting in the sun or somewhere warm as the tape will be much easier to remove.

3. Drill out the old stud mounts on the tailgate. Use the 5/16th wrench to hold behind these mounts to prevent them from turning as you drill. Start with the smallest drill bit you have and increase the size as you go. Be careful not to cause any damage to the tailgate.

4. Once you have the mounts drilled out, clean the tailgate of any contaminants or leftover glue residue. Use your rag and the denatured alcohol and be thorough. Any residue leftover could affect how well the new cap sticks to the tailgate. Make sure that you clean all sides, including the inside of the tailgate.

5. Fit your new tailgate cap. Make sure that the new cap sits well and fits properly before trying to stick it down. When you’re ready, peel away about a foot of the adhesive cover from the new cap and put it in place, making sure you can still pull on the adhesive covering. As you work along the tailgate, peel away more of the adhesive covering and press firmly on the new cap to stick it to the tailgate.