How To Properly Inflate Chevy Tires

Filling your Chevy’s tires is an easy process that can be done quickly, and can be the first step to preventing uneven wear on your tires while also promoting increased gas mileage. Follow these easy steps to ensure your Chevy’s tires are inflated to their proper pressure.

Tools Required

  • Air compressor
  • Tire pressure gauge

Inflation Procedure

1. Obtain a tire gauge. Tire gauges can be found at any parts store for relatively cheap. It’s recommended to get a dial type gauge as they provide the most accurate readings.

2. Refer to your vehicle’s manual or the sticker placed on the driver side doorjamb to learn the recommended tire pressure.

3. Gain access to an air compressor. If you don’t have a personal air compressor, most gas stations host air pumps in their lots for public use. Sometime they charge a small fee (typically under one dollar).

Notice: If you are using a public air pump at a gas station, be mindful of the timer the air pump is set to.

4. Remove the valve stem cap and place it in your pocket so it does not get lost.

5. Check the current pressure of your tires. If your gauge is reading lower than what your vehicle’s manual or doorjamb sticker recommends, add air. If it is above what is recommended, press the center pin of the valve stem down to bleed air from your tire.

Notice: Make sure not to check your tire’s air pressure unless your tires are cold. Even as little as a couple of miles on the road can throw off pressure readings.

Notice: If you do not have your own air pressure gauge, typically the handles of public air pumps have gauges built into the bottom ends, which pop out to read air pressure levels. Sometimes these are accurate, other times they are not. If you have your own gauge, always go off the given readings, as they are more likely to be accurate.

6. Once the tire pressure is reading the correct levels, replace the valve stem cap.

Notice: Be careful not to over inflate your tires. There will be a spot on the wall of your tire that tells you the maximum pressure for each tire, do not exceed this. Over inflating tires can promote tire wear in the center of the tire.

7. Repeat the process for each tire.

Simple, right? Makes sure to keep up with your tire pressure. Typically, tires can lose up to a pound of air each month, so it’s recommended to check them frequently.