Featured Engine - 1200hp From A Junkyard Motor

1200hp 6.0L GM engine rescued from the junkpile

Built around a 6.0L junkyard block, this 370 cubic engine monster is currently hanging around at Vengeance Racing in Cumming, GA.

This engine is built with:

  • 0.030” over Diamond coated pistons
  • Lunati Pro-Series connecting rods
  • Lunati crankshaft (stock 3.622” stroke)
  • 235cc Trick Flow Speciality cylinder heads
  • Steve Petty spec’d 256/262 duration cam with a 116 LSA with a 4500-7500 RPM power band
  • RC engineering 160 lb/hr fuel injectors
  • Edelbrock fuel rail kit

Engine details

ARP head studs anchor down the cylinder heads, and stock GM LS9 gaskets are the last touch placed on the internal engine work to stand up against major boost and extreme cylinder pressure.

Oh, and speaking of boost, you may have noticed the insane turbo system — built by Vengeance Racing using a Turbonetics Y2K 88mm turbocharger. Once the engine makes it way back into the car (a Trans Am work in progress), it will take air in from the fog light hole, exhaust through the car’s hood, and compress an insane amount of air into an air-to-water intercooler, then into the Edelbrock Pro-Flo XT manifold.

So what’s left to know? Oh just the measly (said with strong sarcasm) horsepower numbers. The last published numbers of this machine on a dyno showed the engine made 1,206 horsepower and 1,034 kb-ft of torque at 21 psi.

The future home of this 1200hp engine
The "salt"