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The L200 by Saturn started out as the LS1, which was the basic Saturn sedan, but with power equipment like windows and locks. It also included an automatic transmission and keyless entry. Saturn also added heated mirrors to the sedan. While still a basic vehicle, it had many comfort features. 

You take care of your L200 by changing the fluids and filters regularly, and you use genuine OEM replacement parts whenever you need to fix a worn out part. carries L200 parts.

  • Engine - Your engine should run efficiently and produce very limited emissions if everything is in good working order. As long as you keep everything lubricated with clean oil, you should get a lot of use out of the engine, but if something goes wrong, we are here to help. We carry valves, pistons, cylinders, gaskets and manifolds for your L200.
  • Cooling System - The radiator is integral in keeping your engine cool, and if there is a problem with a hose or the fan is not blowing, your engine can quickly overheat. A leaking or blocked hose can cause the coolant from getting to the engine. As part of your maintenance, make sure that the hoses are in good shape. If you have a problem, we carry cooling parts like the radiator cap, hoses, thermostat, water pump and more.

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