Pontiac J2000 Sunbird Years

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OEM J2000 Sunbird Parts from NewGMParts.com

The Pontiac Sunbird started as a subcompact vehicle in 1975, but it was designated as a compact car by the 1982 model. The J2000 Sunbird was the 1982 model with front-wheel drive and a body style choice between sedan, coupe, hatchback or station wagon. 

You still enjoy driving your J2000 Sunbird and you keep it running efficiently by changing the oil and filter regularly. You buy genuine OEM replacement parts like those found at NewGMParts.com.

  • Suspension - If you want to continue to get a nice, smooth ride out of your J2000, you will ensure that the shocks and springs are in good shape. The shocks should last you a long time unless you live on a road that is rutted, and then you may need to replace them more often. We carry the shocks, axles, hubs, stabilizer bars and other suspension parts for the front or the rear suspension.
  • Electrical - The ignition switch is used every time that you turn your vehicle on, and at some point, this part may fail. While you may not consider it part of the electrical system, it is because without it, your vehicle will not start. We carry the ignition switch and other ignition parts along with batteries, alternators, instruments, gauges, lights and air bag components.

When you order from us, you get a staff that will manually review all orders to save time, money and confusion, as well as make sure you get worldwide shipping. We will ship all parts, even those deemed “hazardous” (such as airbags and seatbelt pre tensioners.)