Pontiac Bonneville Years

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OEM Bonneville Parts from NewGMParts.com

Some of the largest Pontiacs ever built had the Bonneville badge on them, and these cars were in production between 1958 and 2005. The station wagons weighed in at roughly 5,000 pounds, which made them the heaviest cars being produced at the time. These vehicles were built for performance, and they came equipped with every luxury item as part of their standard equipment. 

When you take care of your Bonneville, you do all of your own maintenance and repair work, and you use genuine OEM parts in order to get the factory performance. NewGMParts.com carries OEM Bonneville parts.

  • Brakes - It is recommended that you change the brake pads and fluid at regular intervals, and you should also check the calipers for stickiness and rotors for warping. If you need to replace any of these parts or any of the other brake parts, we can help. We have ABS valves, pressure modulators and control modules for your vehicle. We also carry the booster, check valve, master cylinder and parking brake parts.
  • Exhaust System - As long as your exhaust is working correctly, your fuel mileage and performance will be just as the factory designed, but if you have any leaks in gaskets or seals, you will not get good fuel efficiency. We have crossover pipes, exhaust pipes, mufflers, brackets, heat shields and all the sensors you need for your Bonneville.

We offer the entire GM catalog of new, original parts, and we also represent more than 300 specialty aftermarket parts manufacturers and have worldwide shipping.