Pontiac 6000 Years

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OEM 6000 Parts from NewGMParts.com

General Motors produced the Pontiac 6000 from 1982 until 1991, and this mid-sized vehicle came in coupe, sedan or station wagon body styles. It was a great family car that allowed everyone to pile in the car and go off on vacation. It followed the LeMans and was replaced by the Grand Prix sedan, so it had a hint of muscle car in its history. 

When you take care of your 6000, you use genuine OEM parts that deliver the same performance that you find in the factory parts. NewGMParts.com carries the right part for your 6000.

  • HVAC - It is cool to drive your 6000, and you want to stay cool and comfortable behind the wheel. If it gets too hot in the cabin when it should be cool, you may have some trouble with your air conditioning system. We have replacement parts like the condenser, compressor, hoses, heater, belts and other parts for both the air conditioner and the heater.
  • Maintenance - When you do the maintenance on your 6000, you do more than change the oil and the oil filter. You make sure that you have clean air filters, transmission filters and fuel filters when necessary. We have those parts and more to help you keep your 6000 performing as it should.

When you order your parts from NewGMParts.com, you get a professional staff that will manually review all orders to save time, money and confusion. We will ship all parts, even those deemed “hazardous” -- such as airbags and seatbelt pre tensioners -- and offer worldwide shipping.