Oldsmobile 98 Years

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OEM 98 Parts from NewGMParts.com

The Oldsmobile 98 is considered the full-sized flagship vehicle of the lineup, and it shares the same platform as found on the Cadillac. It is a V8, and it was first introduced in 1940. If there was new and exciting technology available, then GM put it in the 98. They had the best interior and the fanciest trim. The last 98 rolled out of the factory in 1996. 

You take good care of your 98 because it is still a luxury car and runs great. You use genuine OEM replacement parts when you need to do repairs or maintenance. NewGMParts.com carries parts for your 98.

  • Maintenance - You know that you need to change oil and the filter on your 98 at regular intervals in order to keep the engine running fully lubricated. Additionally, you need to change belts and hoses at regular intervals to keep all the parts moving. We carry belts, pan gaskets, transmission filters, fuel filters, air filters, serpentine belts and idler pulleys.
  • Cooling System - The engine on your 98 has run cool, or you risk having it overheat and become damaged. We have new hoses and radiators for your 98, and we also have water pumps, fans, thermostats, trans oil cooler and radiator caps.

When you order your parts from NewGMParts.com, you get a dedicated staff that will manually review all orders to save time, money and confusion. We have worldwide shipping and offer the entire GM catalog of new, original parts.