Oldsmobile 88 Years

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OEM 88 Parts from NewGMParts.com

Between 1949 and 1999, Oldsmobile produced a full-sized car with the 88 classification. These vehicles became the top selling vehicle for the Olds lineup, and they are synonymous with an entry level vehicle. Although, they were considered starter vehicles, they became well-known for their performance and lightweight bodies. They transitioned very well into the muscle car lineup and were equipped with bucket seats and center consoles. 

When you take care of your 88, you make sure that the replacement parts that you put on it are genuine OEM parts like the ones that NewGMParts.com carries.

  • Brakes - Changing the brake pads is not enough to maintain the brakes on your 88; you need to make sure that the rotors are true and the calipers are not sticking. We have pads, shoes, rotors, ABS parts, calipers, master cylinders, hoses and parking brake parts for your 88. You will find everything you need to ensure that you can stop.
  • Electrical - Everything on your 88 needs electricity in order to run, and there is more to the electrical system than the battery. You may need to change bulbs and fuses, but you may also need to replace parts like the instruments, gauges, cruise control, alternator or radio. We have these parts and more such as power seat parts, switches, flashers and the starter.

At NewGMParts.com, you get worldwide shipping, and we will ship all parts, even those deemed “hazardous”, such as airbags and seatbelt pre tensioners. We offer the entire GM catalog of new, original parts.