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Built around the GMC Canyon, the mid-sized SUV Hummer H3T was made to bring the quality of the Hummer in an affordable package to consumers. This is the only Hummer built by General Motors, and it went into production in Louisiana in 2005. It had a five-year run, and it came as a mid-sized pickup or an SUV with a towing capacity of 3,000 pounds. 

When you take care of your H3T, you make sure that you replace all your parts with genuine OEM parts for that factory quality replacement part like the ones that carries.

  • Fuel System - Getting the fuel to the engine is the job of the fuel pump, and along the way, it has to travel through hoses and filters. Injectors need to be clean, or you will not get the best performance from your vehicle. When you need to replace a fuel pump or fuel injector, we can help. We also have the throttle body, fuel tank, filler pipe and filler cap for your H3T
  • Cooling System - You need to keep the engine in your H3T cool, and that is done through the cooling system that consists of the radiator, water pump, hoses, belts and pulleys. If your engine overheats, it can cause major engine damage. We carry those parts and others like cooling fans, belts, tensioners, idler pulley and thermostat.

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