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The GMC Canyon is a mid-sized pickup truck that went into production in 2004. It was designed to replace the Sonoma, and its cousin is the Chevrolet Colorado. It is a collaboration between GM and Isuzu, and it is a practical and economical pickup truck that comes in two-door or four-door options, which makes it a bigger truck than the one it replaced. 

When you take care of you Canyon, you use only genuine OEM parts on it because those are the same parts that the factory uses. You can get these parts at

  • Suspension - Your Canyon may be a truck, but the suspension is designed to give you a ride that is nothing like a truck. We can help you replace any worn parts like shocks and springs, and we carry axles, torsion bars, upper control arms, wheels, stabilizer bars and all the components needed to complete the installation.
  • Brakes - You have to maintain your brakes or one day find yourself unable to stop. This means that you change the pads regularly and make sure that your rotors are still true. Brakes get a lot of abuse, so you may need to replace calipers, drums, shoes, backing plates or the ABS unit. We have these parts and others including parking brake parts for your Canyon

At, our professional staff ensures you get the proper part because they manually review all orders to save time, money and confusion. We offer the entire GM catalog of new, original parts and offer worldwide shipping.