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The Acadia is GMC’s first full-sized crossover SUV, and it has a passenger capacity of seven or eight passengers. It also has a lot of cargo room, so you can take the kids to camp and carry all of their gear in the back. While it is an entry-level SUV, it is not lacking in amenities. It has contemporary interior trim, towing capacity of 5,200 and heads up display like those found in the Corvettes. 

In order to keep the Acadia well maintained, you need to replace and repair parts with genuine OEM parts like offers.

  • Body - The Acadia is built for exploration, and sometimes, that means that there may be body damage. We offer replacement bumpers, interior trim, center pillars, clusters, switches and even outside mirrors. All our parts are genuine OEM parts for a perfect fit.
  • Steering - If you did not have power steering, turning corners in your SUV could become difficult, so if you have lost your power steering, you need to replace it as soon as possible. It may be the pump, a hose leak or a belt that has gone bad. We carry all your replacement parts, as well as the steering linkage, gears, column assembly, shroud and even the steering wheel.

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