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The Chevrolet Sonic is the name for the second generation of Aveos or as known as the T300. These compact cars were engineered in conjunction with the engineers of Holden, Opel and GM Korea. They were so small that they were dubbed four-door motorcycles, and the exterior styling was based upon motorcycle technology. These sporty cars were given some racing technology when it came time to engineer the suspension, and they offer a turbo model. carries all of the genuine OEM parts and accessories you need to keep your Sonic running.

  • Body - It does not take much driving to start seeing bumps and dings on your vehicle, and while most of these dings you can live with, major damage needs to be repaired. If you need a bumper, door, quarter panel or hood, we can help you. We also have jacks, lids, lift gates and their hardware, trim parts for interior and exterior, ducts and much more.
  • Axles - This is sporty, little car that you expect great handling from, so you may need to replace an axle at some point. In addition to the axle, you may need to replace the shaft or any of the assembly. We have these parts and all of the suspension parts you need to keep your Sonic zipping along.

We offer the entire GM catalog of new, original parts and provide you with worldwide shipping. We also represent more than 300 specialty aftermarket parts manufacturers, so we have all the parts you need to maintain or repair your Sonic.