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The Chevrolet S10 is a compact truck for those who need something smaller than a larger truck to carry cargo like brush, debris and other smaller loads. The S10 is the first compact truck by any of the Big Three manufacturers, and it rolled out in 1982. 

When you take care of your truck, you want to use only genuine OEM parts to replace or repair worn out parts. carries OEM parts.

  • Electrical - It seems like everything on the S10 is electrical, so at some point, you are going to need to replace more than headlights. It is more than batteries and alternators, too. We carry all the lights, the starter, ignition lock, power seats, seat belts, headlamp components and wipers.
  • Brakes - As part of your regular maintenance, you make sure that your brakes are in good shape. While you may need to regularly change the pads, you may not realize that you should check the rotors for wear or make sure that the calipers are gripping. We have all of those parts and more like drums, lines, backing plate, shoe kits, ABS parts, hydraulic system and parts for your parking brake.
  • Axle - The S10 has a short wheel base that makes turning it easy. You need to maintain the axles in order to keep it turning. We carry joints, shafts, differential parts and suspension parts. will manually review all orders to save time, money and confusion. We also offer the entire GM catalog of new, original parts and worldwide shipping.