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The Chevrolet Cavalier entered the market in 1981 and ended its run in 2005, and it had the distinct honor of producing the most sales in 1984. This compact car offered body styles that included the hatchback, coupe, sedan, wagon and convertible, which makes it a car that is suited for anyone’s needs. The wagon is fine for mom, kids and groceries, and the convertible offers sportier styling while letting your hair blow in the wind. 

No matter what style Cavalier you own, you want to make sure that you only use genuine OEM parts to do any maintenance or repairs.

  • Clutch - In order to shift your Cavalier, you need the clutch, but the clutch takes a lot of abuse under normal circumstances, so it can wear out. If it stops working, then you stop shifting gears. New, OEM parts are the best fit for the clutch on your vehicle. We carry the flywheel, pressure plate, disc, ring gear and both the master and slave cylinders for your Cavalier.
  • Maintenance - Maintenance is more than changing the oil in your vehicle; it also includes making sure that you have the right fluid levels, clean filters and tight belts in the engine compartment. At, you will find all those maintenance parts and more for your Cavalier.

We offer the entire GM catalog of new, original parts, and we have worldwide shipping on all of our parts. You can be sure that your order is correct because we manually review all orders to save time, money and confusion.