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The Caprice from Chevrolet was in production from 1965 until 1996, and then started back up again in 2011 and continues to this day. This was one of the most popular cars in the United States during the late 1960s and the 1970s. These full-sized vehicles have been extremely popular as fleet vehicles for municipalities, taxi companies and police forces. 

Your Caprice may not be a police unit, but it is a vehicle you use every day. When you do any repairs, you use genuine OEM parts, which can be found at

  • Maintenance - Taking care of your Caprice means that you change the oil and oil filter regularly. It also means that you replace belts and pulleys as your vehicle ages because these parts can become loose and stop working properly. In addition to the belts and pulleys, you may need to replace hoses, clamps and other parts that wear out. We carry these parts and others like oil pans, gaskets, air filters, mass sensors and more.
  • Suspension - You expect your Caprice to give you a smooth ride, and you can count on the suspension to deliver performance and handling. While you may never have trouble with your suspension, you may need to replace the shocks at some point – especially if you live somewhere there is a rough road. We carry shocks for your Caprice, as well as stabilizer bars, bearings, knuckles, springs and struts.

We offer the entire GM catalog of new, original parts with worldwide shipping. We will ship all parts, even those deemed “hazardous”, such as airbags and seatbelt pre tensioners.