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The C3500 is Chevrolet’s one-ton, heavy-duty pickup that has the ability to tow and haul more than any of the other trucks in the truck lineup. This truck has two-wheel drive and comes with a cab that makes it easy to make it part of your office. It includes a comfortable cab and a suspension that makes it smooth to drive. 

When you maintain your C3500, you make sure that you replace all the parts with genuine OEM parts. You will find OEM parts at

  • Transmission - Your C3500 should shift gears easily and smoothly, and that means that you need to maintain the fluid and filter on it. Even with proper maintenance, you may have transmission parts wear out with age. Parts like seals can break and need replacement. We carry housing seals, transmissions, and drive plates for either the automatic or the manual transmissions in your truck.
  • Engine - Maintaining the engine in your truck means that you make sure that belts, hoses and pulleys are all kept at the right tension and the oil and filter are clean. Still, things can go wrong, and you may end up needing to do major repairs like valves, pistons and camshaft gears. We have those parts and others like gaskets, seals, bearings and valve covers.

When you buy your parts from, you get worldwide shipping from a staff that will manually review all orders to save time, money and confusion. We also offer the entire GM catalog of new, original parts for your C3500.