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The Chevrolet Avalanche 2500 offers both utility and luxury to driver and passengers in this mid-gate four-door SUV. The interior can hold up to six passengers, and the truck bed is accessible from the back seat in a unique set up that opens up the cargo area. This truck ran from 2006 until 2013, and it was offered with several luxury trim package options. 

When you maintain your Avalanche 2500, you use genuine OEM parts to replace any worn parts. provides you with a wide selection of OEM GM parts.

  • Cooling System - Keeping your engine cool is the job of the radiator and water pump. These parts get a lot of use, so it is normal for the water pump to need replaced at some point in the life of your vehicle. You may also need to replace belts and pulleys that can wear out. We carry these parts and others like the radiator, cooling fan, fan shroud, hoses, trans oil cooler, thermostat and reservoir cap.
  • Maintenance - You change the oil on your Avalanche 2500 regularly, but you must also make sure that the belts and pulleys are all in good shape. You may need to replace other parts like the air filter, oil pan, oil pan gasket, baffle, valve cover, drive belt, idler pulley, serpentine belt and pan gasket. We have all of these parts and even stock the belt tensioner bolt.

When you need replacement parts for your Avalanche 2500, we offer the entire GM catalog of new, original parts and also represent more than 300 specialty aftermarket parts manufacturers. We also offer worldwide shipping.