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When it was time to take the trucks up a notch, General Motors developed a four-door, sport utility truck that could hold five or six passengers inside. The Chevrolet Avalanche debuted in 2001, and throughout its run until it was discontinued in 2013, it was the epitome of luxury due to trim packages like Black Diamond. From alloy wheels to emblems on the pillars, the Avalanche was pure luxury. 

You keep your SUV running its best by doing all your own maintenance and ensuring that you use only genuine OEM parts like the ones found at

  • Fuel System - Without fuel, your Avalanche is not going to move, so you make sure that your fuel pump is operational. Some of the parts that you may need to replace over the life of your vehicle can include the tank strap, rear and front shields, filler pipe, filler cap, sending unit or the fuel rail. We have these parts and more.
  • Emission System - Getting the most from the fuel that you send to the engine means that it burns clean once it is there. That is the job of the emission system, and while these parts rarely need to be replaced, sensors do wear out, so you may need to replace a MAP sensor or oxygen sensor. If you do need to replace an emission part, we carry replacement parts for your Avalanche.

At, we offer the entire GM catalog of new, original parts and offer worldwide shipping. We will ship all parts, even those deemed “hazardous”, such as airbags and seatbelt pre-tensioners and like parts.