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The Cadillac SRX has been the best seller for Cadillac since 2010. It is a 4-door, mid-sized crossover SUV with the ability to seat seven and has a retractable, power rear seat option for more cargo area. Being Cadillac means that the interior is lush with features like heated seats, leather interior, wood trim and a standard V6 with options. SRX owners can add a sunroof, a V8 or navigation system. 

With all those electronics and features, you want to be sure that you use only genuine OEM GM parts when you do maintenance or repairs. carries parts and accessories for the SRX.

  • Cooling System - Without the cooling system, your SRX would quickly overheat, and the engine would be destroyed. This system is more than the radiator and the hoses; it consists of fans, water pumps, belts and pulleys, as well as all the hardware that holds everything in place. We carry all of those parts and more to keep your SRX running at an optimal temperature.
  • Emission System - In order to keep the pollution levels down, the emission system works with the engine‚Äôs computer to determine how much of the exhaust is safe to expel into the atmosphere. Anytime there is a sensor malfunction, the engine performance suffers, so you need to replace these parts. We carry all the sensors along with other parts like vapor canisters, solenoids and PVC valves.

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