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OEM Encore Parts from NewGMParts.com

The Buick Encore is a crossover SUV that began production in 2012 for the 2013 model year. It was built as the Opel Mokka in Germany, and it comes in either front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. It is the first crossover SUV for the Buick lineup, and it only available as a turbo with a six-speed automatic transmission. 

You like that you have room for the family and their cargo in this SUV without needing to drive a large SUV. You maintain it by using genuine OEM replacement parts from NewGMParts.com.

  • Suspension - An SUV should have a ride that is equivalent to a luxury passenger car, and your Encore delivers a great ride. However, should you start to feel every bump in the road or it starts to pull to one side or another you may have a problem with the suspension. We have replacement shocks, hubs, axles, bearings and struts.
  • Transmission - The transmission shifts the gears for you when you reach a certain RPM, and if the gears do not shift, you may have a problem with your transmission. You should be checking the fluids regularly and changing the filter. If you need to replace any of the transmission parts or the entire transmission, we stock parts for your Encore.

We will ship all parts, even those deemed “hazardous” (such as airbags and seatbelt pre tensioners), and we have a staff that will manually review all orders to save time, money and confusion. We offer worldwide shipping.