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While i was please with the pricing, shipping and ease of ordering; my parts arrived without the requisite instructions. When reading through the various enthusiast forums, NewGMParts.com has a reputation for not including these documents. I just think this is an issue that should not exist.
Jeff Russell
His name is Jason in the Parts Department, I Really am glad to see there are some true professional parts guys out there. GO to a local parts store just to buy a can of oil and you have to provide the year make model and engine size these days.
Jason like a true professional seen something was odd about my order and put it on hold and contacted me to be sure I was ordering the right part. I would have gone to the local GMC dealership But would have gotten ripped off by overpricing and lack of experience in their parts department. Thank you guys for providing this service. I work a lot and many weird hours so I don't have chance to go to a dealer and order then pick up later. Local car repair parts said the part was not available. Really a cabin filter for a GMC Sierra 1500 not available, I find that hard to believe so I used this web site and probably always will for their professionalism, honesty and quick service. Great Job Guys!!!!
Frank Kaczmarczyk

The belts arrived and all is good. you really went the extra mile on this and i am very grateful

have a great day and thanks again

Cheers Tim
T. Gresham
To whom it may concern. Over the past several weeks I¹ve needed parts for my truck and so I found your site on the internet, quickly located what I needed, and then each time I spoke with your sales representative Jason (don¹t know his last name) and in each instance he insured that I got the correct part that I needed, he was friendly, and genuinely seemed to care. It¹s nice to know that there is still a company out there doing it right. Thanks Guaranteed to have me as a customer for a very long time. Alan Dunn
Alan Dunn
Fast, cheap shipping and very friendly and helpful. I had a large part ordered and it got here to my APO address in less than a week. While I hope my car never breaks again, if it does and I need parts, coming back here.
Joshua C

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