How to Make a Z28 From a Camaro SS

While it's not technically possible to make a real Z28 from a stock SS, it is possible to get the look and some of the performance. We've narrowed down all the parts you need to go either full blown transformation, inside and out, or just change the outside and get the look of the Z28. 

To totally transform your SS, you're going to need to drop over $28,000 on parts and possibly some on labor. Of course, if you can do all the install yourself, you're definitely getting a better deal buying parts and transforming your car than you are buying a brand new Z28 - performance specs aside.

If you're just interested in the look, you'll only need to spend $1600 to fake a Z28. True performance enthusiasts will probably spot the "phantom" Z28, but the casual passerby will think you just have a really sweet car! 

Check out the full list of parts and prices below.